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November 27th, 2005

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I guess today went well. It started at 4 am, when I could not sleep. Did some programing and went back to bed at 6 am for a "nap". I spent some time cleaning up the garage for the winter and managed to get a load of dishes done, so I don't feel like a complete lump. Also I made some headway on my programing, actually got some of the bugs worked out. And I spent an hour or so writing up a tutorial on the gamemaker forum. So I guess I'm over my deleted signature bruhaha. Also I am forgoing posting my recent programing efforts in favor of saving up for a "big update". I enjoy the feedback and little updates don't garner much attention. I know, this all really exciting.

Anywho... I'm for bed.

November 26th, 2005

People suck.

Well, I spent some time this morning looking at this liver jorney thing, specifically looking for other users of Game Maker. Closest I came as a post back in July by a lord007 that made a game, but nothing recent. There is a club, or group or what ever you call it, but that's a year old and has no members. Sooo. Guess I better stick with the forums.

Speaking of the Game Maker forums, now I have something to talk about. I found my signature line on the the forum removed by a moderator. Arrrhg! I am PO'd. Spent hours, fuming and typing up a response where I was planning on spending those hours on my programing. mad mad mad. They left me a link to the rules which was singularly unhelpful. I knew the rules and (thought) adhered to them. Since the moderators are children, sorry deal with children, they are all jaded and burnt out and never take the time to explain what or why they did what they did. Paaarchg!!!! bad word bad word. I can accept that I goofed. I don't appreciate being handed the same as a fourteen year old punk that posts a playboy pinup as his signature. FFF FFF Fudge you!!!

I feel better.

Signature removed, please read the  [url=http://forums.gamemaker.nl/index.php?showtopic=40814]Signature Rules[/url]. More information can be found in the [url=http://forums.gamemaker.nl/index.php?showtopic=161344&view=findpost&p=1134229]zero-tolerance signature policy[/url] post.

November 25th, 2005

Well despite my fears, getting to and from work without full bus service went well. Gleckia drove me to the light-rail and picked me up, and now that the kids are old enough to be trusted with the house for a 15 minute spurt (well at least while sleeping, that is) it goes much easier. Now if I can just get them to go into work instead of  me. Dang those child labor laws anyway. Work was dull but uneventful. I guess that's redundant. What I mean to say is that in addition to being dull, nobody expected me to do anything. A step above work being dull and very busy.

The evening was fun, games food and ping pong. No chance to program, but hey, we can't have everything.

November 24th, 2005

(no subject)

I have, somewhat willingly, created a live journal account.

I am not a joiner.

You can make me play, but I won't enjoy it. Really. I will just regale you all with PC talk and you can ignore it latter. Today is T-day. You knew that, but I'm journaling here so stick with me. Today I can look forward to  good food, family (we get along) and dreading work on Friday. For the most part I spend holidays (and parties) somewhere between joining in and wanting to sulk off and do my own thing (usually on a PC: regale, regale). For the most part I enjoy being part of things, but don't often want to be part of things.

On the good news front I have a chance at an interview for a new job. This is good, since I am A. burned out and B. not challenged at my current work. But it's not so good in that it's just another job (I don't want to be challenged, just leave me alone). I am seriously burned out on the IT PC tech stuff. I used to love PCs, any thing tech or geek. Not anymore. Guess its a sign of maturity (or age) that I now think of PC's in terms of what they can do, rather than what they are. Said another ways, high specs don't woo me anymore. Webbrowsing works just as well on a crappy old PC and Games-that-I-never-finish aren't worth 40 bucks anymore. NO wait, 50 bucks, no 60 aah. Back to the job interview, it would be in a NOC, if you know that that is - I feel for you. Actually I am sort of excited about that. I have been at my best when working in a NOC (Network Operation Center, for those what care) and I am at somewhat less than my best right now. I've been contracting for 2 years now, the vacation is minimal and the healthcare sucks so I'd like to get into a "regular" job soon. This one is another contract, but it is apparent that my current employer doesn't intend to create a slot for me, and the new place has a reputation for doing so with contractors. So giving up an easy and seemingly secure long term contract for a more challenging and limited term (1 year) with potential for permanent. Fair trade. Especially if you consider I am stagnant now.

My current hobby is using GameMaker to make my own PC games. GM games, not necessarily mine, range from cruddy-amateurish to very sophisticated. Add to that mix a plethora of 14 year olds making Zelda clones and it can be easy to dismiss the entire lot. But there are some gems out there, and it is a more powerful tool than is exemplified by the bulk of the games.  Regale regale. I have two projects that I am working on, Billy's Adventure is an adventure, puzzle, RPGish short of mesh. It's cool. BA is more or less on hold pending the other project, but it is not abandoned and I plan on finishing it at some point. The current project is called Dragon. You get to be the dragon, fly out over the land, terrorize villagers, eat sheep, fight other dragons. All that cools stuff. It's coming along, my challenge at the moment is a need to go re-write some of the code, it's a kludge and I am loosing track of where stuff is. Not a good sign. But, like many things the second attempt will be better. For example the code to pickup and drop sheep (they go splat) works well, but it is in several places and executes once for every sheep in the game. In hindsight this is a bad choice as lots of sheep (or other pickup-able objects) will slow the game down. I want to rewrite that code to all take place form the dragon. One code executing once rather that multiple times. Regale, regale.  All the art in both games is mine. Mmmmm sheep-ka-bobs.

I put my mood at uncomfortable 'cause that's what I feel here journaling. But I expect to have a good day. I get to eat a dead bird after all.
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